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Welcome to our Testimonial Page!

     The following are just a sampling of the testimonials received from of our past clients and present home owners.  If you would like to send us a testimonial so that we may post it on this page please do so by following the links to the Contact Us page.

Mike and Linda McComb:

September 24, 2009

     We would like to thank you and your team for the fine work they did in constructing our new home. Almost weekly one of our neighbors or friends would comment on the quality of the work being done on our site. We heard:

  ●  "I've never seen a lot cleared that nice before."
●  "We have built seven houses and none of them were as solid as yours."
        (from a woman during the framing stage)
●  "Your site is the cleanest I have ever seen!"
●  "Rusty Findley is the best builder in the area."

     Before we even broke ground, we found out everyone who knows Rusty Findley holds him in the highest regard. These comments came from people around town from different trades and even a stranger we met at a concert over in Augusta!

     Since we had never built before, we interviewed twelve Aiken builders. We always felt most comfortable with Rusty. Even if we were concerned about something, after talking to him, he made us feel more relaxed. Our house is a contemporary style and many things were different than the usual traditional house in this area. Rusty was flexible and willing to accommodate our desires and gave us good advice and guidance.

     We would recommend Findley Construction for any job.

Mike & Linda McComb

Chris and Angie Gentile

September 21, 2009

     My wife and I relocated to Aiken from Missouri where we had previously built two homes with the same builder. We absolutely loved our Missouri builder and were sure we'd never find someone with whom we would have such a positive building experience. We were wrong. Rusty Findley constructed a home for us that exceeded our expectations. From the start, he listened to our needs and offered his advice. Many times, he quietly listened to our meanderings and guided us to an answer that he surely knew from the start. He committed to a very stringent construction schedule and met it. Likewise, he met his cost commitments and built a very high-quality home. It's also nice to work with a builder that surrounds himself with such nice people and who the entire community recognizes and embraces. Rusty is not just a builder, he becomes a member of the family; rather, you become a member of his family. As you can tell, we unhesitatingly recommend Rusty Findley to construct your home.

Chris and Angie Gentile

Gil and Jane Anne Royal:

January 2, 2008

     We want to thank you for the fine job you did completing the addition to our office. We knew we needed more space, but hesitated for quite some time because we worried we could not do an addition without completely disrupting our office. The timeliness and the professionalism with which the work was done put those worries to rest. You and your staff were patient and understanding throughout the process, worked with us to keep the office working, and we are thrilled with the finished product!!

     Our other major concern was the need to keep the project within budget. We appreciated that you understood that we had very little room for error, and were thrilled when we came in under budget!!! Now that the addition is completed we can not believe we waited so long to enlarge our office. Everything about the addition has improved our office environment and the way we work. Thank you for everything!!!

Gil and Jane Anne Royal

John & Claudette Strickland:

July 28, 2007

     In 1983 we bought a very rustic cabin on Lake Murray that had a fabulous view. On weekends and vacations our family has enjoyed boating and skiing and socializing with friends.

     Over the years we realized the cabin would require substantial remodeling or replacement. When we decided on replacement the first person we talked with was Rusty Findley. We had known Rusty for years and knew him as an honest and reputable individual and builder.

     Throughout the design and construction, Rusty gave us sound and useful advice and guidance. Once the project was agreed upon, he stayed on schedule and budget. We appreciated that Rusty was easily accessible and responded quickly to our calls. In addition, Teresa in the office was always very helpful.

     Another strength was the quality of his framing crew and subcontractors, all of whom told us of Rusty’s high expectations of them.

     We could not be more pleased with our new cabin. Our friends are amazed at the many touches that make a Findley Construction home so special.

John & Claudette Strickland

Clyde & Murph Ward:

July 2006

     The three most important decisions you'll make in building a new house are: your location, your design and your builder.  The builder you choose can make the difference between a quality house or a house with problems.  The builder you choose can make the difference between a satisfying experience or a frustrating experience.  That's why we're so glad we chose Rusty Findley for our builder.

     Rusty has the best framers in Aiken County.  I hated to have the wall board go up because so many people were impressed by the framing that gets hidden by the wall board, but creates the basis for a solid, well-built, square house.  All of Rusty's subcontractors have worked for Rusty for many years and put in the extra effort and thought to keep on working for Rusty.  Several of the workers mentioned to me how they like to work for Rusty and how the quality work by other subcontractors makes it so much easier for them to do a quality job.  Some of the subcontractors mentioned that if they built a house, they'd like Rusty to build it.  And these are the people that really know a quality house. 

     No matter how good the builder is, some problems are going to develop.  This is where Rusty's attitude and personality are really appreciated.  He was always calm during discussions and always found a way to fix the problem to our satisfaction.  That makes such a big difference in whether you enjoy the building experience or not.  You realize early that Rusty is building a quality house and you find out a little later that when problems come up, or you want to make a change, that Rusty will listen to you and do what it takes to make the house something you can be proud of and enjoy for many years.

     In the short run, Rusty may not be the least expensive builder in Aiken, but in the long run having Rusty as your builder will payoff in a good experience and a quality home.  If you're thinking about building a house, I strongly recommend you consider Rusty Findley as your builder.  I know he will provide a quality house and a rewarding experience.

Clyde & Murph Ward

Otto & Susan McCarty:

March 17, 2006

     Eighteen years ago Otto and I decided to build our first house.  I spent a year researching builders and one name kept being mentioned over and over – Rusty Findley.  We called Rusty and he built our first house and we were very, very pleased.  In September of 2005 we decided to sell our home and move down the pasture a bit.  We sold our home and called Rusty to build another one for us.  Needless to say, we were well pleased a second time.  Rusty always stays ahead of the game.  When we had questions, we never hesitated to call him. 

     My nephew was visiting us when we were in the building stage of our house.  His father builds very exclusive homes in St. Simons Island, Georgia and he works for his father.  He was very impressed with the job Rusty did and was very impressed how clean he kept the building site. 

     We would recommend Rusty to anyone considering building.  He’s honest, he has a wonderful work ethic and if something goes wrong, he jumps on it and is working to fix it right after you talk to him.

     If some day we move down the pasture and decide to build again, we will give Rusty Findley a call.

 Otto & Susan McCarty

Norma & Ray Conatser:

January 24, 2002

A Simple Note to Say Thanks! for a Job Well Done

     We’ve now been in our new house on Sweet Gum Court, that you & your team built for us, a little more than 2 yrs. We have intentionally delayed conveying to you our final feelings of gratitude until we could provide more specifics than just it looks great, was built exactly to our original design, completed on-time and your projected cost never changed, and you were a complete gentleman throughout the process. Although, for a true Southern Boy, that is probably all you really want to hear.

     We can now truly say this is the most enjoyable house we have ever lived in. You and your team brought Norma’s vision (with a few of your cost-effective constructability recommendations) to life, and it was even grander than she had imagined. Not a week goes by that each of us doesn’t say to the other, that we really are enjoying this house.

     It is extremely difficult to narrow down why we like it as much, but I think it is the way it was finished off, as if ‘you’ were going to live in it yourself. We sit in the great-room and look up at the trueness of the molding joints, and are thrilled with luxurious feel of the lighting alcove. There never seems to be any paint outside of the intended surface anywhere in the house. All of the electrical switches, central vacuum outlets, and plumbing works: never have any of these give us the slightest problem. Even that hot water recycling line you insisted we install, has worked great. My youngest son complimented us on that just this past weekend as he enjoyed the master bedroom shower, ‘Carwash’. Also, the subcontractors you used seem to be of the same outstanding quality. When we had what we thought was a problem with the up-stairs air-conditioning unit, the service folks came out that same evening, and again showed us how to operate it.

     When my first-born son comes home, he is always complimenting the quality of the brick-work and all of the finish work on the outside of the house. He has considerable experience as a bricklayer, and had at one time volunteered to help with the bricking to save money, but now looks at it, and admits he could not have done it as well himself.

     But the most pleasant thing about the experience was your honesty and professionalism throughout the process, both with myself and my wife. You truly have a gift for ‘listening without judgment’. Regardless of our questions or suggestions, you listened attentively, truly tried to construct the idea in your mind, and only then would you give us your recommendation.

     The last think I know to say, is that if a true friend of mine wanted to know the name of a good home builder – I would stake my credibility on you and your team without question.

Very sincerely,

Norma & Ray Conatser

Bob and Colleen Smyth:

April 27, 2000

Dear Rusty,

     It's been a year since we bought our home from you and both my wife and I would like to say "thank you" for our wonderful experience in having such a gentleman builder, who not only responds in a timely manner to the very few callback problems, but takes pride in satisfying the customer on a job well done.

     We feel lucky that the house we chose was a quality "Findley" home, and would not hesitate to recommend you to potential new homeowners.

     Once again "Thank You".


Bob and Colleen Smyth



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